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Can’t log in? Contact the administrator at your church. If you are the administrator, send a request to with your church name, your name, your email and your phone number.


Make use of your free access to these training videos:

  1. 1 Demo Videos – Church Management Software Demo Videos
  2. 2 Overview – Overview Of SimpleChurch CRM
  3. 3 Groups – Managing Groups
  4. 4 Members – Member Management
  5. 5 Interactions
  6. 6 Attendance – Attendance Tracking
  7. 7 Reports – Reporting
  8. 8 Utilities – Utilities & Upload Tools
  9. 9 Aggregates
  10. 10 Visitors – Managing Visitors
  11. 11 Child Check-In
  12. 12 Integrations MailChimp – Integrating MailChimp
  13. 13 Integrations Planning Center Online – Integrating Planning Center Online
  14. 14 Drivers – Device Drivers For SimpleChurch CRM
  15. 15 Browser Compatibility