People and Groups

Serve your people.

Every record you enter (and metric you measure) is tied to a real person in a faith journey.

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Manage people and groups.

Your church is committed to connecting people to Christ. SimpleChurch CRM can help.

Names. Addresses. Families. Contact information. It’s a bit to keep sorted. But these are the details of your people, and these people serve, connect, and join different groups. Our solution helps you

  • Use built-in fields and create your own.
  • Add pictures, notes, and documents.
  • Use groups to organize your people for services, classes, small groups, teams, etc.
  • Organize groups properties/categories.
  • View a history of the church’s communication with a person.
  • Let people login and update their own and their family’s information.
  • Create an online directory members can reference, even on-the-go.
  • Use the Mobile Church Leader App to add people, search member information, assign and view interactions, enter attendance, and more.

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It’s hard to run a church without a system that keeps things organized.

Our reliable church software is the simple solution you need to support your ministry work.

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