Simple Church Success Training is here to help.

Our database software is designed to support your ministry’s administration, so that the real people all those numbers represent are engaged. It can help you set and exceed ministry goals, but of your staff and volunteers will need training to take full advantage of this powerful technology. That’s where SimpleChurch CRM Success Training comes in. Accelerate adoptions and create church data masters with our Success Training Plans.


You’ll have access to step-by-step Data Migration Tutorials, In-App Help and Tutorials, 40+ Essential Learning Videos, and email, & phone, chat support.


Access our training pool and resources to migrate your database and jumpstart your software success.


We’ll provide everything you need to accelerate training with a one-on-one approach.

Ready to run your church more successfully than ever before?

Meet Your Success Trainers

Lexie Bear

In addition to being a Success Trainer, Lexie also serves as Communications Director at her local church. She is passionate about discovering new and authentic ways to share the love and hope of Jesus with her community and ministries all over the country.

Jessica Kissinger

Jessica has served in ministry for over 10 years, from foreign missions to administrative staff and kids church. She now serves as part of the Success Team, with the goal of making every day processes simple and effective. She also just began sleeping through the night and has a really fancy jogging stroller.

Dory Allen

Dory began her career supporting database software. This mom of three has found a great fit as the database admin of her local church, implementing and using the same software she now teaches others to use!

Keith Franz

Keith has served in the local church as a Youth Pastor and Worship Pastor for over 15 years. Now he serves churches all around the country, helping them improve ministry processes using our software.

Tom Huckstep

Tom has over 40 years of management, administration, and information systems experience. Plus, he regularly serves in the music and production ministries of his church. When he’s not traveling with his wife Dana (41 years!), he entertains his two grandchildren.