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SimpleChurch CRM makes assigning tasks and building processes less confusing, ensuring ministry happens.

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Stay focused on ministry while SimpleChurch CRM keeps everyone organized so nothing falls through the cracks.

Ministry is about people. Use our Workflows and Interactions tools to better serve those people. Set up workflows to make sure every time a new visitor attends, someone follows up according to plan. Use the Interactions tool to make sure those connections take place. When software supports engagement, amazing things can happen.

  • Define your own types of interactions: phone call, email, letter, etc.
  • Assign interactions to members to complete: He/she will be sent an email with the details of the assigned interaction.
  • Users can choose to receive a digest of all of the interactions assigned to them, either daily or weekly.
  • Quickly search/view all interaction summaries and see all the correspondence you’ve had with a member.
  • Set up Workflows to trigger certain actions, such as follow-ups, task assignments, viewing to-dos, and more. 

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