Reports are the helpful organization of your attendance, membership, and giving data.


This report shows the members who have been absent two or more times in the last month for a meeting. This can be adjusted to any date range. You can also filter by the number of absences. This is called the threshold.


This report displays graphs of each meeting’s attendance over time. This can also be filtered by date range. Clicking, “Print”, will produce a printable PDF of the report.


This report lists all of the sessions and their date, number present, number absent, number excused, and percentage accounted for. The “percentage accounted for” is the percentage of members who were present or excused, out of the total. Click on a session name or date to see the actual attendance for that session.


This displays the total number present for meetings with non-individual attendance. For meetings with individual attendance, this will display each member’s name and their presence, absence, or excused reason. Options include:

  • Edit: This will turn the report into a form. You can mark people as being present, absent, or choose an excused reason. Once you are done, click, “Save”, at the bottom.
  • Delete: This will remove the session and all of its attendance from the system.
  • Print: This will produce a printable PDF that contains the attendance report with your logo at the top.
  • Email: This allows you to send an email to people who were present, absent, unexcused, or any combination therein. The email will be addressed to the individual, and the body of the email can be personalized with the member’s first name by using the placeholder: @NAME. For instance: “Hello @NAME, I was sorry to miss you this last Wednesday; I hope to see you next week.”


You can view the attendance for any member by clicking his/her name in the absent report or by going to their member page and choosing, “Attendance”, from the quick links. This can be be filtered by date range and/or by the meetings for which you wish to view the attendance. To edit this report, click the image/text in the, “Present”, column. This will display a drop down from which you can choose their new attendance state. After choosing, you should see the text, “Saved!”, next to it to indicate that the change was successful.


This report displays: a graph of giving amount by category over time, the totals by category for that time, this week’s giving, and last week’s giving. This can be filtered by setting start and end dates. This report is also printable.