Interactions give you a way to assign and track contact(s) with members. Interactions can be: Emails, phone calls, letters, etc. You can create you own types. They can then be assigned to another member in the system to complete. That member will then receive an email with the details of the interaction and a link to click when it has been completed. He/she will then enter a summary of the encounter with the member.

Create Interaction Type:

Go to Settings > Interactions. You can create a new type at the bottom. To edit an existing type, click the type’s name and change it – there is no need to click save after editing.

Assign an Interaction:

  1. Go to the “Interactions” area.
  2. Click “Assign” from the sub menu.
  3. Choose the “Action”, who it is to be “Assigned to”, and the “Member” to be interacted with. Also, a summary can be entered with instructions to the assignee.
  4. Click Save.

Log an Interaction:

  1. Use the “Members” area or “Search” to find the member about whom you wish to log the interaction.
  2. Click the name; then choose “Interactions” from the sub menu.
  3. Choose the ‘Action’, who it was “Assigned to”, a ‘Summary’ of the interaction, and the “Date” of completion.
  4. Click ‘Save’.

Edit an Interaction:

Once in the system, interactions can be edited. Outstanding interactions are shown on the “Interactions” area. Individual members’ pages show all of the interactions the organization has had with them. You can edit these by click the type of summary.