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Seamless online giving

Enjoy rates as low as 2.6%. Integrated online giving just makes sense.

A secure way to give

Enable your congregation to give in a way that’s convenient for them.

Online. Mobile device. On-campus.

These days, your church family is increasingly reliant on online banks, often using debit and credit cards, and automating their giving.
Meet their needs with SimpleChurch CRM Giving, whose flexible giving options provide many ways for congregants to give. With total control over the cadence and source of their giving, your members will experience greater freedom to give. Meanwhile, your admin team will be empowered to automatically and accurately record giving transactions.

Set your first goal

Process $1,000 within 90 days and you’ll receive a one-time credit of $250.

Eliminate financial headaches

Managing ministry finances is a difficult enough challenge without attempting to keep track of paper records or manual deposits. SimpleChurch CRM Giving allows your administration team to easily monitor and manage giving — not just in the moment, but also for the future, with trending and forecasting features.

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Why you’ll love SimpleChurch CRM Giving

Easy Setup and Ongoing Management

Get your SimpleChurch CRM Giving program running in 3 days or less with our straightforward setup process. Plus, you’ll have our customer support both during initial setup and throughout your ongoing administration of the platform. 

  • Make changes as needed, when needed via our web-based control panel
  • View custom reports, monthly trend reports and forecasting
  • Automate deposits with our direct bank routing and daily transaction batching

Unified Church Branding

Your church body is unified — your brand should reflect that to the world. With SimpleChurch CRM Giving, you can integrate your giving interface with your overall brand. 

  • Customize site colors, background image and other branding elements
  • Deliver seamless church engagement experiences to your congregation

Scalable Giving Programs

Giving platforms that aren’t responsive to your church’s growth aren’t realistic and can end up costing you more in hidden fees over time. Embrace freedom with SimpleChurch CRM Giving’s platform.

  • Add new members and donors at no additional cost
  • Create as many new campaigns and funds as needed

Convenient Ways to Give

Today’s congregants are on-the-go and are increasingly automating their finances. Meet them where they are with SimpleChurch CRM Giving’s convenient giving options.

  • Members have the ability to set up one-time or recurring gifts
  • Giving is recorded to allow members to track their giving over time
  • All features available on both the online interface and the mobile app

Incorporate Payment with Registrations

In a church environment, finances don’t live a silo. Often, giving or transactions are attached to other programs like retreats, conferences, or camps where registration forms are required. 

  • Integrate payment options with form submissions
  • Assign which contacts are notified as forms are submitted
  • View form reports either individually or in aggregate

Flexible Payment Options

Not all accounting teams are equipped to handle every form of payment out there. Streamline your processes by choosing which forms of payment you’ll accept. 

  • Choose among credit cards, debit cards, and/or online checks
  • Limit payment options to what make sense for your systems


Small Church


per month

2.6% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift

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All features included

$10 monthly minimum. If you process less than $10 in monthly processing fees (which is roughly $300 in gifts based on 3% debit/credit or %1 ACH), you will be subject to the $10 monthly minimum. If you process more than $10 in fees, you will just pay normal processing fees, nothing more.

Large Church


per month

2.09% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift

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All features included

On the $69/month plan, some cards are more expensive to process. In the event an accepted card costs more to process than your plan’s transaction fee, the processing fee for that transaction may be slightly higher. Our system’s historical data tells us that you can expect 10% to 30% of your donations to come from these types of cards, if you choose to accept them.

Tiered rates will apply.

Prices are subject to change.

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