Volunteer Schedules

Keep volunteers organized.

SimpleChurch CRM’s volunteer scheduling tool helps churches streamline service.

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Minimize no-shows.

Stay in touch and available for the people who donate their time.

No-shows. Lack of interest. Missed opportunities. Recruiting volunteers can be a challenge. A streamlined process for scheduling volunteers can help you overcome it. If you have a structured system in place, volunteers will feel valued and enjoy the ease of serving. SimpleChurch CRM supports volunteer scheduling by

  • Allowing you to send follow up reminders
  • Letting them reply and inform you of a last-minute change-up so you can find a replacement.
  • Helping you optimize requests. If you only need a few people, use SimpleChurch CRM to send an email out to your qualified volunteers. 
  • Setting limits on the number of applicants you accept. 

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