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How Church Management Software Benefits Your Staff

November 12th 2021

Ease-of-use consistently ranks as the most important purchase criteria for church software among faith-based organizations. This makes sense because people want to be able to dedicate more time for ministry and spend less time checking off to-do lists.  

Integrated church management software (ChMS) is one critical way to simplify church operations. You’ll have access to everything you need for your ministry to run smoothly.  

Pastors, staff, and church administrators will be able to streamline behind-the-scenes administrative work. Rather than having different software for membership, online giving, accounting, communications, website and content management, and security, a complete church management solution cohesively ties all the tasks into one system. This means fewer logins and passwords to remember, and more importantly, all the tools work together. 

What is church management software?  

Church management software (ChMS) is computer technology designed for the church, so church admins, pastors, staff, and volunteers are well equipped with the necessary tools to engage their community, stay organized, and expand as membership grows. A ChMS is generally the foundation for integration with all other tools.  

Managing daily tasks within a church can be complicated without established procedures, programs, and automated workflows. With such a wide array of members, finances, and activities to monitor and process, the ChMS is a helpful tool to increase efficiency and reserve more time for ministry, not to mention to lighten the burden of church admins. 

One of the integrations within a robust ChMS is the inclusion of a mobile church app. Churches want a mobile app that just works, without having to understand what an API is, or hiring expensive external IT consultants. MinistryOne was built from the ground up to work with popular platforms like SimpleChurch CRM. Now your member information moves seamlessly and securely from your church app to your church office. 

Benefits of an Integrated Mobile App 

People are mobile, and your ministry should be able to move with them. With advances in mobile technology, people are more digitally connected than ever. If your ministry isn’t mobile-optimized, you are missing out on one of the best ways to connect and engage with your congregation. 

You can encourage member engagement through your church app throughout the week. Inspire them to give, sign up for events, and request prayer, all at their fingertips. Below you’ll find three ways that an integrated mobile app will benefit your church staff. 

#1 Church Leader App 

Empower church leaders with an app created just for them. Your staff and leaders can view lists of members, along with their information, including contact, dates, custom fields, and family. Review completed and outstanding interactions while also having the ability to edit, assign, and record new ones.  

Save your church staff hours in their day by allowing group and ministry leaders to add and edit attendance. They can even add visitors or create new records.  

#2 Event Registration 

Your mobile app is a place that allows your community to connect, register, and pay for events quickly and easily. Seamlessly integrate directly to your ChMS to manage events and payments more effectively. 

Online event registration simplifies tasks for church staff. They won’t have to look at multiple paper sign-up sheets and transfer information manually. There will be fewer calls to handle for registrations because event-goers can sign up online on their own.  

#3 Updates to Members 

Send push notifications to send instant updates to app users. In-app messaging is also available when your community needs to know what’s going on. Your church communications don’t have to get lost in the algorithms of social media or remain unopened in email inboxes. With your church app, people will be notified immediately, or you can schedule your messaging in advance. 

Church staff can share links to events or registrations forms, send an encouraging prayer update, share the latest news, or ensure your church community receives any urgent alerts.

Church Management and Mobile App 

Your church staff works hard to serve the people in your church and community. Now, you can make it easier for them with a complete church management system.  

The SimpleChurch team and software will streamline your processes to free up more capacity for ministry to happen. If you want to see how integrated ChMS and a mobile app can help your church, contact us today! 

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