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How to Increase Year-End Giving with Your Annual Report

December 2nd 2021

As the year is coming to a close, more people are considering donating than before. Nearly 1/3 of annual giving occurs in December, with 13% of giving happening in the last three days of the year.  

This could be for multiple reasons. People are usually feeling more generous during the holidays. Many churches and nonprofits are serving the community and receiving funds to help. And others are considering their tax deductions. Whatever the reason may be, it’s beneficial to do a year-end giving appeal at your church.  

In this article you’ll learn more about what an annual report is, why your church should provide one, and how you can use your annual giving report to help boost year-end giving at your church.  

What is an Annual Report? 

Businesses, nonprofits, and churches use annual reports to share about that organization’s activities and financial condition throughout the preceding year. It is a comprehensive report designed to inform shareholders (for businesses) and donors (for nonprofits and religious organizations) about operations and the finances involved.  

The annual report usually consists of graphics and charts as well as narratives chronicling the organization’s activities over the past year. They may also include a vision for the coming year, as well as detailed financial and operational information. 

Why Your Church Should Send an Annual Giving Report 

Your annual report can help update your congregation about the progress of your church’s vision. You get to highlight the mission and impact that your organization is having on the community. It’s a comprehensive way to show how donated funds are being used. It’s also a great opportunity to thank donors. Build greater trust with churchgoers by showing transparency with your church’s operations and finances.  

Ways to Increase Year-End Giving  

One of the greatest benefits of disseminating your annual report to your congregation is that it can help boost year-end giving. When people see what’s happening and they know where their donated funds are going, they may feel inspired to contribute at the end of the year for what’s to come. Below are six ways to use your annual report to help increase year-end giving at your church.  

#1 Thank Donors 

A key to increasing year-end donations is to thank your donors for what they’ve already contributed. Make them feel appreciated (because they are!) by writing out how you’re thankful. If you’re sending an electronic annual report, consider including a thank you video. When people feel appreciated and understand how their gifts are making an impact, they may feel inclined to give again before the year is over.  

#2 Make It Visually Appealing 

If you want people to get a better understanding of your annual report, be sure to include visuals, like graphs, charts, photos, and financial reports. Let your congregation see the difference they’re making. Another reason to add visuals to your report is the fact that many people are visual learners and prefer to see complex reports broken down into more digestible illustrations.  

#3 Share Accomplishments 

Yes, your annual report will be a general statement of all the activities and financial progress, but be sure to highlight the accomplishments your church has made throughout the year. Share the different things you did and why you did them. When people can see the success of various campaigns, they’ll be inclined to give again because they see that their funds are being put to good use.  

#4 Update the Progress 

Let’s say your church hasn’t quite met all its goals in the current year. That’s okay. The transparency is beneficial in helping to build trust. Plus, you can include ways you plan to reach the goal in the coming year. Provide a progress bar or visual with how much has been raised and how much more you need. People may be inspired to donate to that cause if they understand that there is still a need.  

#5 Include Testimonials 

Don’t forget to share the great things God is doing through the church because of the financial contributions. Include a brief story about how a local outreach opportunity impacted the community. Capture an interview with a first-time giver and how their life has changed because they chose to trust God with their finances. Sometimes people are encouraged by real-life stories, and then they will be more likely to participate in a year-end giving appeal. 

#6 Communicate the Vision  

Finally, be sure to add the upcoming goals and vision for the new year. Your report obviously provides the information from the previous year, but you don’t want to stop there. Inspire people to be a part of what’s coming by giving insight into the ministry that will happen in the future. Share the plans and ask people to join in what God is doing through your church. One way they can do that is to make a final financial offering at the end of the year.  

Integrated Church Management and Giving 

SimpleChurch CRM’s integrated church management software and online giving make it simple to compile financial reports and then send them to the appropriate donors. Let us help you make your year-end giving a success! Download the End of Year Tips for Your Ministry Toolkit or contact us today to learn more.

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