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Engage Visitors this Easter with Complete Church Management Software

February 21st 2022

Pretty pastels. Fancy dresses. Easter egg hunts. There is so much to enjoy during the spring holiday, especially for churches. More than all the stuff and things to do, though, it’s an incredible opportunity to share the beautiful message of the gospel. Easter is a pivotal time to do that because it is commonly the most attended weekend service at churches. With so many visitors and less-than-consistent church members attending, complete church management software (ChMS) can make engagement easier. 

Church administration is simpler with an all-in-one ChMS. Rather than having multiple software solutions with numerous logins and passwords to remember, complete church management software ties all the systems together. It records and tracks member data, provides reports, and enhances communication. Online giving is simple for donors and is synced to member records. Plan out worship services and provide information to volunteers. Live streaming is linked directly to your church website and other platforms to spread your message this Easter.  

A total church software system makes Easter planning and engagement simple. In this article, we are going to share ways that a complete ChMS can improve your Easter services. 

Why Use Complete Church Management Software for Easter? 

Aside from the obvious benefit of tracking attendance and all the new people that show up, you’ll want to engage Easter visitors because you want them to come back. You can reach more people and follow up with them. Send out communications thanking new attendees and inviting them to take next steps. We’ll get into more detail below, but online giving, worship planning, and live streaming are also essential for engaging visitors and having a successful Easter service. That’s why having these systems “talk” will really make a difference. 

Engage Visitors in Giving 

With so many new and returning visitors, Easter is the perfect time to emphasize the importance of generosity. Increase donations with digital giving options, including online, text-to-give, and mobile app options. Most churchgoers are going to have their phone handy on Easter Sunday! Make giving seamless by allowing them to give straight from their mobile device. Include an embeddable giving form on your church website and the form link when people text your church’s giving phone number. 

On top of the benefits for givers, online giving and ChMS will make life easier on your staff. Your finance team can instantly access valuable reports. All contributions are viewable from one system and can be managed in real-time. View trends and see who is donating when, where, and how. It also makes it super simple to follow up with donors after Easter and even send a little “thank you” note. 

Make Worship Planning Easy 

Planning out the Easter worship service doesn’t have to be difficult. Create a meaningful time for guests and members. With WorshipPlanning (which is included with SimpleChurch!), you can plan your entire service with ease.  

Update your worship flow and include specific details.  

Specify details about your Easter service by dragging and dropping fields. Include pre-service elements, add a set list, and provide times for the service. You can even add additional notes for people to follow.  

Schedule and communicate with volunteers.  

You’ll probably want as many volunteers as possible for Easter. That means inviting, scheduling, and coordinating your volunteers. From children’s ministry to worship ministry to the welcome team, plan out who will serve where. If you have more than one Easter service, you can invite volunteers to serve at multiple services if they desire.  

Organize your worship set.

Along with developing your entire Easter service, WorshipPlanning also allows you the ability to organize your worship set. Add songs to your worship flow, transpose keys, and provide chord charts for your musicians and singers. Plus, all the essentials are there to help your worship team. Important info like key, tempo, and lyrics are all available.   

Live Stream Your Easter Services 

Most churches will be having in-person Easter services, some for the first time in two years. Along with their in-person services, the majority of churches will continue to live stream their Easter program. In fact, according to one survey, 93% of participants said that live streaming will be important to church life moving forward.  

Integrating live streaming with your complete church management software makes it easy to stream from your church website and your social platforms. With attendance at its peak on Easter, you can reach even more people online. Post a link to your digital giving page and communicate with the online congregation through chat. 

Utilize live streaming to connect with first-time viewers who might be watching online before attending in person. Engage with existing members who aren’t able to attend the Easter service in person, whether due to illness, travel, or preference. Live streaming creates a unique way to interact with your online audience and develop a unique community for people.  

Complete Church Management Software for Your Ministry  

Engage with visitors this Easter by having a plan in place. SimpleChurch CRM makes it easier to maximize your church’s impact while simultaneously reducing administrative burden. Bundle our powerful services to create a complete church management system that will work for your ministry. Contact us today to get started! 

Download the Easter Giving Toolkit for resources you will need to help encourage offerings before and after Easter.​ The toolkit includes a complete guide to online giving, an eBook on Text Giving, and much more!

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