Child Check-in: Kiosk Mode, Add Families, and More

Published on 08/22/2014

In our continuing effort to make SimpleChurch the powerful tool that you need it to be, we’ve added quite a few improvements that have been requested.

Kiosk Mode

Now, under child check-in settings, you can choose to enable kiosk mode. This will let you launch child check-in in a way that there are no other menu options on the screen, and you can then set your browser to be full screen. This way, you can have unattended check-in stations – no workers required!

Another setting you can enable for use with Kiosk Mode is the on screen keyboard. This makes it so that you can use a touch screen computer with your unattended check-in station.

Add Families

Another often requested feature is the ability to add new families right from the check-in screen. Well, you can do this now! You can click the Add Family link to start the process. SimpleChurch will walk you through adding the primary member, adding the children with their badge notes, and getting them checked into their groups.

Under settings, you can enable this feature and choose which group newly created families are placed in for easy follow up. This also works seamlessly with kiosk mode.

Lookup & Contact

There’s a new option on the Child Check-in screen: Contact. You can now look up one or more groups and see which children are checked into each of them. And, right from there, you can SMS all of those children’s parents at once.

RFID Mode Changes

Before, you used to have to choose between using only labels, or only RFID cards. Now, under settings, you can configure this differently. You can choose to use RFID cards along side of labels. This will allow your members to quickly look up their families just by waving the card. But, visitors can also use the normal lookup method.

Additionally, you can still use the fully RFID method, where cards are required for checkout. This way, the system keeps track of which children were checked in with which card, and shows this to the child care worker.

We hope these new features make it easier for you to concentrate on people and ministry, and less on the small details. Your suggestions are invaluable in helping SimpleChurch continue to improve!

Thank you,
The SimpleChurch Team.