Update: Preferred Names, API Access, Dymo 450 Label Printer Support, and More

Published on 12/31/2013

You can now set a preferred name for each person. This will be used instead of their given first name, whenever their name is displayed – In SimpleChurch and on reports. The only exception to this is giving reports/letters, which will use the person’s given name. You can search for people by their given name and/or their preferred name.

We now have an API!

People functions:

  • Create/edit people
  • Edit people notes
  • Add/remove people to/from groups
  • List people

Group functions:

  • List groups
  • List people in a group

Interactions functions:

  • List outstanding, “my”, and completed
  • Assign/log/update interactions

Attendance functions:

  • Add/edit attendance sessions

We’ve also added Dymo 450 Label Printer Support for the child check-in application. To set this as your label printer, go to Settings > Child Check-in > Mode.


  • Added email address to csv export of membership reports.
  • Added a permission to allow viewing the system log.
  • Added a name search to the session edit page.

Updates: Church Directory

Published on 10/03/2013

You can now use SimpleChurch as a directory for your church!

To enable this:

  • go to Permissions and set “Enable Directory?” to “Yes.”
  • Choose the group that everyone will be able to see
  • And choose the fields you’re allowing everyone to see.
  • Save.

Then, when your members log in, they will see a “Directory” link at the top left where they can see everyone in the group you set.

Updates: Constant Contact Integration

Published on 09/17/2013

You’ve been able to sync one or more groups with a mailing list in your MailChimp account for a long time. Now, you can do the same with Constant Contact!

To enable this, in SimpleChurch: go to Setting > Services, and click the “Enable” radio button. Authorize your account, Fill in the fields, and you’re done!

Then, whenever you add people to the selected groups, they’ll be added to Constant Contact

Add visitors with Families for Child Check-in, and More Group Filtering Options

Published on 08/21/2013

Visitors with Child Check-in

Now, when you check in a family, you’ll see the option to add a visitor with the family. Just like when you add a visitor for attendance purposes, you can can choose from existing people in your database, or add a “visitor”, if the person you’re searching for doesn’t exist. This works for both label-based and RFID check-in. You can also use this to check-in a child with a person who doesn’t have any kids in the system currently.

Just like non-visitors, badges will print for visitors.

Group Filters Can Now Match Any or All Groups

When filtering using properties, you can now choose to only show groups that match all of the select properties. Before, groups were shown that matched any of the selected properties.

Updates: Giving Import, Group Descriptions, Attendance Entry Enhancements, and More

Published on 08/17/2013

Today, we’re glad to push out quite a few changes that have been suggested!

Giving Import

You can now import giving from a CSV file. This makes it much easier to transfer in giving from PayPal and online giving services like EasyTithe and SimpleGive. This also means that new customers will most likely not have to to pay us to import their data, they can do it themselves!

  • To get started importing giving, go to Utilities > Import Giving. Note: you must have the “input batch giving” permission to use this tool.
  • Choose your comma separated value (CSV) file, and enter the column headers for each of the required columns. Click, “Next”.
  • Review the proposed import:
    • We attempt to match the first and last name given to names in the system. However, if we can’t you will need to use the search box to choose an existing person, or choose the “Anonymous” person. Once you fix one name, if there are other entries with that same name, you’ll be given the option to automatically update all of them.
    • We also try to match the giving category in the import with the ones you already have in the system. However, if there isn’t a match, you will need to manually choose, and, once again, you’ll be given the option to update all.
    • If the date isn’t in a format we can understand, you’ll be asked to enter one.
  • Once you’ve satisfied with the proposed import, click “Save”.
  • You’re done!

The import will correctly group entries for people who have chosen to have their giving grouped under their primary family member.

Configurable Text Fields

There are now 15 custom text fields. This is up from 8 before. And remember, you can search on all of them by using the Advanced Search tool.

Selectively Choose Mass Contact Recipients

Now, when sending a mass email/voice/sms, you can choose which of the group members will receive the communication.

Groups Have Descriptions

You can now set a description for a group on the edit page, and it will display on the group’s member list. There is also an edit link for the group in the options pane.

Attendance Search Entry Mode

Now, when entering attendance, you can search for people in that group using the auto-completing search field, and select a person to make them present. Hit “tab”, “enter”, or click to select the person.

Mobile Web: Assign Interactions and Add Visitors to Attendance

You can now assign interactions from the mobile web version, and you can also add visitors to a session.


  • Group categories can now be edited/deleted.
  • An issue possibly affecting choosing a child check-in station was fixed.

Updates: Child Check-in, Search, and Interaction Improvements and More!

Published on 07/30/2013

Today, we’re pleased to say that we pushed out quite a few changes that answer feature requests that churches have sent in.

Child Check-in

  • There is now a checkbox to allow permanently assigning a RFID card to a parent when they check their children in. This will put the RFID tag ID into the RFID Tag field under their profile, which is accessible from the edit page. Then, when the person comes next time, you don’t have to search for their name to check their children in; they just wave their card and it loads their children.
  • For RFID mode, there is now a setting to allow printing an additional parent label that contains the unique number that the child’s label does. This works well for parent call systems. (See below too).
  • When parent labels are printed, there is now just one label for the entire family containing each child’s name and number – not one per child.
  • The Child Check-in app now has a box that display the current RFID tag ID, so you can copy tag IDs and input them into profiles.
  • The Child Check-in app now displays whether it is connected to the RFID reader or not.


Now, you can export to CSV the people that match your search criteria. Expand the “Options” pane to see this option and to see the option to allow adding those people to a group.


You can now filter “My Outstanding” Interactions by date, type, and group.


The total number of people in a group is now displayed at the bottom of a group.