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Summer Help: 4 Steps to Maximize Volunteer Engagement This Summer

May 16th 2022

Summer ministries, like Bible Camp, are powered by volunteers – and SimpleChurch CRM is
here to help. Maximize volunteer engagement this summer and make life easier for your hardworking volunteers (and throughout the year!) so they’ll feel valued and enjoy how easy it is to serve the church.
There are four steps to putting CRM to work for your summer volunteer scheduling and
management. Let’s go…

1. Make Sign-Up a Snap:

This is arguably the most important step – getting volunteers on your team and ready to go for
Bible Camp and other events you have scheduled this summer. CRM makes it easy. With the
SimpleChurch platform, volunteers can quickly register and indicate their interests and
availability and step up for specific events like Bible Camp. Your volunteers can opt-in for
follow-up reminders so they won’t forget a big event, and they can reply to these alerts to inform
you of a last-minute changeup so you can find a replacement.

A comprehensive volunteer database is a great year-round resource for your church. For any
event, you can seek out volunteers whose interests and availability match what you need, and
volunteers can quickly jump in and update their info and preferences as needed.

2. Secure Your Ministries with Background Checks

Trust and safety are especially important for children’s ministries, which means they’re
especially important during the summer when so many of your programs are designed for your
youngest churchgoers. Volunteers you can trust will welcome background checks because they
know it’s a matter of safety, and your church management platform can simplify the process.

SimpleChurch CRM teams with Protect My Ministry to provide the quickest, easiest, and most
proven church volunteer screening available on the market today. We’ve created a fully
integrated solution that lets you order background checks directly from SimpleChurch CRM, and
use the platform to send applicants customized messages with Summary of Rights information,
completion notifications, and other required information. It’s a great resource for your summer
ministries and throughout the year.

3. Work It All Out with Worship Planning
Your volunteers want to do more than just show up – they are investing themselves in your
ministries. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they know exactly what they’re part of and
what they can expect during the event. This makes worship planning an essential tool for
summer initiatives like Bible Camp, to get everyone on the same page and keep events running
smoothly. (The last thing you want during Bible Camp is a lull or gap that sparks distraction).

So think about Bible Camp – with SimpleChurch CRM’s worship planning, you can develop
your overall themes, your lineup of speakers and event leaders, the key bible verses you want to
highlight for each session, songs you want to include, and the exact flow and rhythm of all this
information, with input from your church staff and your volunteers. You can turn your Bible
Camp plan into a visual presentation, so your team can experience the event’s flow and get a feel
for when they’ll be participating and where they need to be.

4. Give Your Church Family the Best Bible Camp Ever!
With a team of trusted volunteers on your side who are invested in the success of Bible Camp,
you will be able to offer a summer session that your church youth will never forget, and that
parents will always appreciate. You’ll help young people of all ages start their spiritual journeys,
grow in their devotion, and build a deeper understanding of Christ’s selfless love for them. And
your volunteers will have a great experience, too; this will encourage them to keep serving and
using their gifts throughout the year to strengthen your ministries.

Ready to empower your volunteers this summer and all year long?

SimpleChurch can help! Reach out to us here or contact us at 866-392-1744 to learn more about how our technology can strengthen your ministry.

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