Updates: Robust Duplicate Detection, Last Attended Search, and More

September 19th 2014

Robust Duplicate Detection

When adding/editing a person, it used to be that we would alert you if there were another person who had the same name as the person you were adding/editing. This helped to prevent duplicates. But it relied on you having exactly the same name for the two people. So, a “Joe Marks” and “Joseph Marks” wouldn’t match as a duplicate, even if they had the same email address or physical address.

Now, our duplicate detection works with all of the following information: names (including preferred name), physical address (including full/abbreviated street suffixes i.e. “st” vs “street”), email addresses, and home and cell phone numbers.

However, we do not show you people with duplicate information if they are in the same family grouping, since many people share contact information in a family. If a duplicate is suspected, we show you a bright red bar at the bottom of the screen with links to the suspected duplicate records.

Last Attended On

Now, when viewing a person’s profile, you will see a “Last Attended On” date in the dates section. This pulls from the person’s attendance history and displays the most recent time they attended. Additionally, you can search for people using this and other criteria under Advanced Search.

New “Add/Edit Pictures” Permission

There is a new permission you can give your roles to allow users to add/edit pictures. So, if you don’t want people to be allowed to edit all of the information on a person, but you do want them to change pictures, you can do that now. An update of the iOS App has been submitted and should be out by October 1st with support for this. The web version already supports this.


  • There is now a “Submitted Electronically” checkbox on attendance roles for classes that submit attendance via the App, but still want to alert the attendance person that they didn’t forget.
  • When adding families through child check-in, you can now add children with different last names than their parent.
  • The Giving Entry page now has a running total at the bottom, even when not in batch mode.
  • The Aggregate Attendance Report can now be printed.