Scheduled Messages and More Mass Contact Improvements

September 24th 2014

We’ve long given you the ability to send email, voice, and SMS messages to your members and prospects. Today, we’re announcing quite a few helpful improvements to this feature.

Scheduled Messages

When you go to the Mass Contact Utility, you can create your message as usual, complete with groups, body, attachments, voice message, etc. But, at the bottom, you can now choose to schedule this message for later sending, and we’ll send it, just as you created it, on that date and time.

Should you wish to edit it, just select it from the select list of scheduled message on the right of the contact page and make your changes, and save it. Please note, this list only appears when you have scheduled messages that haven’t been sent you.

In-Browser Voice Recording

Also, for people using the most recent couple versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, they can now record voice messages right in the browser. When they click the “Launch Voice Recorder” link, instead of having to download a little app and run it, they’ll be able to record the message in their browser.

Lastly, you can now remove attachments from emails, when you’re creating your message.