A Massive List of Updates

Published on 10/22/2015

We’ve improved SimpleChurch more in the last year, than in any previous year! You can read about some of the changes below.

Group Finder

  • The SimpleChurch Group Finder is now available to churches. Go to Settings > Groups > Group Finder to enable and configure the Group Finder.
  • Zipcode is added as a searchable field in the Group Finder.


  • Interaction formatting in lists is improved, making summary/instruction boxes bigger.
  • Interactions permissions are now more granular. In other words, when creating or editing a role, specific interactions types can be prohibited for a person with that role to view, assign, log / record, edit, and / or delete. For example, a deacon assigned a certain role would be able to assign a counseling phone call or visit to a pastor, but they would be unable to view any counseling-related interactions.
  • On a group list page, multiple interactions can now be assigned at once to one person. The one person is assigned a separate interaction for each selected individual. The type of interaction is the same (the type selected) and each interaction includes the same

Mass Contact

  • You can nickname your twilio.com account phone number(s) while logged in to your twilio.com account. Each outgoing phone number that you create in Twilio costs $1 per month through Twilio. To set up these numbers in Twilio, go to Numbers > Manage Numbers.
  • These numbers display when you send mass SMS text messages and mass voice messages through SimpleChurch’s mass contact feature. In the selection box your twilio.com phone numbers will now be listed by their nickname so long as you nickname those phone numbers in your twilio.com account.
  • When a user sends a mass email through SimpleChurch, the user is sent a notification email confirming that the message has been sent.
  • You now have the option to include yourself on a mass contact message.
  • An image button is added to the WYSIWYG Editor in the mass contact feature, specifically for mass emails.
  • The unsubscribe message in mass contact emails is now clearer.

Membership / Directory

  • A permission has been added for controlling birthday/age in the directory feature.
  • When viewing a group in SimpleChurch, age is now a field that can be selected to display for the members of the group.
  • Improved address duplicate detection now alerts users to the following field matches when creating a new individual. Also, duplicate detection based on contact information is only run by comparing an individual with individuals outside of their family.
    • #1: Identical first, preferred and last name
    • #2: Same address
    • #3: Matching cell phone, home phone, and email address
  • Printing a group directory now offers the option to include custom field data for the listed group directory members.
  • A single column text print option (non-PDF) is offered for printing a group directory.
  • In Utilities > Input Giving, the autocomplete box now lists the address next to an individual’s name that displays, in cases when that individual shares a name with another person listed in the search. Both individuals would have their addresses displayed, as a way to differentiate them.
  • Pictures can now optionally be added in printed group directories.
  • 5 line address labels are now smaller to fit correctly.
  • The active/inactive group status of an individual is more obvious on an individual’s view screen.
  • We have added more robust text formatting by allowing HTML in group descriptions.
  • An individual’s profile picture is now included in the individual print option.
  • Fixed issue where people weren’t grouped by family in a printed group directory if the primary family member was not in the printed group.
  • Family sorting issues are resolved and directories wrapping functions correctly.
  • Make address labels only be to the individual, even if they are in a family, if they are the only one in group.


  • In an individual’s giving records, each online gift made by an individual is now marked to indicate that the gift was indeed made via SimpleChurch Online Giving.
  • Filters are added to giving reports for both online and non-online (cash and check) gifts.
  • A check can be added for an individual contribution record that was entered where the check was not originally attached before saving.
  • In Settings > Giving > Edit Giving Categories, you can now delete giving categories (funds) that have never had contributions made to them.
  • Giving categories can now be deactivated. Go to Settings > Giving > Edit Giving Categories to deactivate a giving category (or categories). This means that while giving attached to deactivated categories still displays in giving reports, deactivated categories will not appear in the list of available categories in the giving category drop-down list in Utilities>Input Giving.
  • The notes field for recorded contributions now displays when exporting giving via the Utilities > Export tool.
  • Editing a batch, I can click a link to see entries for that batch form past input sessions
  • Now view the existing giving entries in a batch when working on an existing batch that contains previously-inputted entries from a prior session.
  • A filter is added for online and non-online gifts in the “By Individual” giving report found at Reports > Giving > By Individual.
  • A more straightforward warning is added when leaving the giving entry page.
  • Giving batches are now editable.
  • Individual gifts / contributions are now editable.
  • The Giving Overview report now offers a Quickbooks export for the downloaded version of Quickbooks (not the cloud-based version). This updates the accounts for your giving funds in Quickbooks based on the totals from the related giving funds / accounts in SimpleChurch. Simply export the Quickbooks file in SimpleChurch in the Giving Overview report and import the file into Quickbooks.
    In Settings > Giving > Quickbooks Export Settings, map your SimpleChurch giving funds / categories with your giving funds / accounts in Quickbooks to ensure that the Quickbooks Export is accurate.
  • Giving batches are now sorted by date received, not date created.
  • Batch entries can be sorted by last name and by first name.
  • A deposit slip option is added to batches.
  • The Giving by Individual report now offers a minimum filter, in addition to the existing maximum filter for giving amount.
  • Batches are now offered through SimpleChurch’s giving input tool. Batches are optional, and they can be saved and re-opened and finished at a later time.
  • The giving source (online, manual entry, check scanner, and CSV giving import) now displays in a batch.
  • Members cannot view their own check images when viewing their own individual giving history.
  • Viewing an individual’s giving history now includes the giving category.
  • Giving reports now display notes entered for anonymous giving records.
  • The Individual Giving Report now offers an “Add to Group” feature, where all individuals in the report can be added to a specific group.
  • Alpha-numeric envelope numbers are now handled more accurately.
  • The group filter now works properly and “sticks” when creating giving statements.
  • The print and export formatting for the Anonymous Giving Report is corrected.
  • Fixed giving statement not including person’s name if person had no address.
  • In batches, anonymous gifts display correctly, listed with the name “anonymous”.

Child Check-In

  • Children can be checked in to multiple groups.
  • In the SimpleChurch iOS app, a parent can check a child into multiple groups.
  • Children in new families can be checked in to multiple groups.
  • While entering new families in the child check in interface, you can now collect contact info for parents you add and note the birthdays and gender for children.
  • You can now utilize group filters with child check in stations. Go to Settings > Child Check-In > Check-In Stations. Click a check in station, and in the drop down box you can select to display only groups which are assigned a certain group property. For example, you can create a group property for every campus. So, you could create check in stations for different campuses, and then limit each check in station to display only the groups that are tied to their particular campus, using group filters as the means to do so.
  • When adding new children through the IOS Check In App, you can choose to add new children as full accounts or as visitors.
  • The iOS Check-In App now allows you to choose if newly added children get added to the currently selected family.
  • Now, you can add and edit child check-in notes in a person’s individual profile.
  • All family members now display in child check-in. This allows adult volunteers to search for their own name and check-in themselves.
  • The “Add another child” button is more obvious when adding a family in Child Check-In.
  • The iOS Check-in App now uses the preferred name for children.
  • Families that are created through Child Check-In now appear in the main search index.
  • Adding multiple new people no longer automatically checks them in to the same group mistakenly.
  • A fix is implemented for a scrolling issue in Child Check-In when the onscreen keyboard is enabled, but while Child Check In is not in kiosk mode.
  • You can now only create individuals through Child Check In when this add individual feature is enabled through Child Check In.


  • The fields “Died On” and “Baptized On” have been added to Advanced Search.
  • Visitor lines are added to the aggregate attendance roll print option. In other words, printing attendance rolls for an aggregate – a collection of groups / classes – now includes visitor lines for listing visitors to those particular groups / classes.
  • The print option is added to the Sessions attendance table report.
  • The Anniversaries report is added for custom date fields.
  • Last Attended Date is added to the groups field list, directories, and CSV exports.
  • The print option is added for the aggregate reports list.
  • A PDF export is added for the absences attendance report.
  • In Advanced Search, search actions are not offered until search results display.
  • The print option is added for the individual attendance report.
  • Add subscribed status to CSV export.
  • Email address is added as a field in the birthday report export.
  • A results count is displayed for the birthday and anniversary reports results.
  • A join date is added to the groups export, indicating the date on which the individuals joined a particular groups.
  • You can now use the absences report to view absences for an entire aggregate of groups / classes.
  • The giving by individuals report now displays the batch name.
  • Group count now displays in search results when searching for a particular group / groups.
  • A search option is added to most select lists containing a lot of items.
  • Advanced Search uses select lists with predefined values for custom fields which are predefined lists.
  • Advanced Search refreshes results when a value is chosen from a date picker.
  • The issue is corrected where you could not type <empty> into custom date fields in Advanced Search. This now functions correctly, allowing you to use Advanced Search to view a list of individuals who have no values listed in a particular field.


  • Click a day cell in the Calendar to create an event on that date.
  • Click a day’s number to view the “day view” for that day.
  • You can now search for events in the Calendar using the search tool in the top left of your screen.
  • Click help in the Calendar to now view help Calendar help articles. Also submit tickets from the help link. Tooltips have also been added for all buttons in the calendar, providing help text.
  • The pending event list can now be sorted by the created time of the proposed events.
  • The Calendar properties box now uses more horizontal space. Pending events in the pending events list now utilize screen space more efficiently and in a more visually appealing way.
  • Calendar events can be printed, including an event’s room setup images.
  • Calendar settings icons now fit better on smaller screens.
  • New Calendar filters help you filter events in your master calendar more effectively. The new event criteria filters are: Tech, Kitchen, Child, Approved, Not Approved.
  • Calendar filter buttons now transition to icons when the window is small enough to make this necessary.
  • Events include an internal notes field now, allowing a church to include internal notes for an event which are not visible to the congregation.
  • Room setups now include the ability to include images. An example is to include an image / diagram of a room setup.
  • A WYSIYG editor has been added to the event description box, allowing for more font and graphics customization.