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All the features you’ve come to expect from accounting software, plus the features you need as a church
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SimpleChurch CRM is proud to partner and integrate seamlessly with ShelbyNext Financials.

Donors and board members deserve to know the funds your church receives are being managed responsibly. Being a good steward means making sure you’re preventing fraud, staying compliant, and using an accounting software that supports your church’s specific needs.

The industry experts at ShelbyNext Financials help churches everyday, so they know a thing or two about fraud and compliance—and what your software should do to help prevent them! Schedule your personal 30-minute assessment with one of our church accounting experts today. We’ll help you improve your processes and protect your ministry’s financial integrity.

All the features you’ve come to expect from accounting software, plus the features you need as a church


General Ledger

The General Ledger not only contains details of all posted journal entries, but also provides a full set of standard reports, tools for creating custom reports, and easy access to view posted journals with drill down capability. Manually entered journal entries also update account management applications for true account reconciliation. Budgeting tools are also located in this application.


Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable application is designed to help you manage cash flow by entering invoices and bills as they are received and paying them as they become due. The screen used to print checks for invoices also provides numerous filters and options to allow printing the right set of checks. It also allows the creation of a check, or batch of checks, to print on demand without having to enter invoice information.


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable application provides the ability to create invoices and produce statements for various activities. Churches that have a Mother’s Day Out, a school, or provide other billable services, will find Accounts Receivable very helpful. This feature rich application allows posting to multiple general ledger balance sheet accounts by establishing Revenue Centers.


Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets application allows users to catalog fixed assets, conduct periodic inventory of tags and create depreciation entries which update the General Ledger. Along with multiple canned reports, the application also includes a completely new Selections and Listings report builder which supports multiple reports and/or statements, making designing your own report very easy.



The Payroll application was designed to fulfill the unique needs of religious organizations in order to comply with federal tax and reporting requirements. Settings to designate clergy and lay staff is as simple as a single checkmark on a person’s record. The program prints Form 941 and Form W-2 to ease reporting requirements. Federal, state and local tax settings are fully supported and kept current.


Bank Management

The Bank Account Management application provides a simple way to balance your checking accounts and support popular file download formats available from most banks. The tool provides two countdown windows showing when the program has been balanced with the bank statement and if it also balances with the General Ledger.

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